Saturday, May 7, 2016

Waiting Impatiently

I figured I'd write one more update before baby comes.  We've settled well into our new life here in Seattle and as I think back on all of the changes that have happened I feel grateful that we feel as sane as we do.  We may not feel quite as sane once we have a new baby and move a couple more times, but I'll let you know once we're there.  It's fun to look back at how different Edith was when we moved from Columbus last year, bald and tiny.  She's a little less tiny but a lot less bald.  She talks like crazy now and has a great vocabulary!  She surprises us with the sentences she comes up with here and there.  She mixes up her pronouns still, but honestly we don't correct her very often because it's just so cute the way she says, "I hold you" or "I chase you".  I think she's really starting to understand that there's a real baby in my belly and is excited to have her sister come out and play with her.  She kisses my belly often and with her hands out in front says, "I hold you" to her sister.

We have some amazing friends in this ward and one of them threw me a baby shower this week, even with us being so new and this being our second girl!  I felt completely spoiled and was so grateful for all of the support we received. 

This pregnancy in a lot of ways has felt like a first pregnancy for me, just because it's been so different than with the twins.  I'm 38 weeks now and I've never had a baby this big inside me!  It's a very different experience to feel like she's trying to break out when she stretches really hard!  I'm still feeling pretty good so far, but hope she gets here soon.  I'm starting to feel really impatient!

We've explored a lot of Seattle now and have loved living in the Northwest.  It's been fun to experience living coast to coast.  Matt has loved taking Edith hiking every weekend he gets the chance.  

One of our favorite places so far has been Double Bluff Beach on Whidbey Island.  You have to take a 20 minute ferry to the island but Double Bluff has one of the best beaches in the area with perfect California sand and shallow water for Edith to play in.  We also explored the tulips at the Tulip Festival in April, the aquarium, and the zoo!

Edith looks bigger to me every time I take a picture.  And she's only going to seem bigger once this baby girl comes!  Here's hoping for a Mother's Day baby...

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Carolyn said...

My Favorite picture of her is the one where she is the rapper. We are so excited to see this new baby!