Friday, July 8, 2011

The Mother Land

So we had a busy June. We spent most of June in Pennsylvania, Utah, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, NorthCarolina, and Kentucky. During the month of June I also rode my bike 3x
went camping 2x, built a backsplash 1x, Gained +1 sister, got on National TV 1x, and probably also gained some weight.

Here are some pictures to back up my alibi...

The bridge on the way out of Ohio.

A campsite in Virginia.

A Tennessee caterpillar.

A pig ride in North Carolina.

Our garden after being gone for 2 weeks.

My muscles out in the woods.

Grandpa got a 4-wheeler.

Nicole and Niece.

Riding the lift at Sundance.

Again on the lift...

We went hiking in the mountains...

Dressed like twinners...

Decorated a car with...
  • Balloons
  • Streamers
  • Confetti
  • Saran Wrap
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Tin Foil
  • Hot Dogs
  • Soda Cans (full)
  • More Confetti
  • Dolls
  • Markers
  • Ladies' Dainties
  • Nerf Guns
  • A few other things
Actually I'm going to take another minute on this one because I am particularly proud of it. My younger brother, of course, knew ahead of time that we were going to decorate his car, but we were only "allowed" to do the outside (as if one's permission matters in such circumstances, like asking "Can I pull your unconscious body from this burning car?"--It doesn't matter what the answer is, there are just certain unwritten rules in life that transcend personal preference--Nathan gets confetti in his AC vents, end of story.) Anyway, Nathan was less than willing to give us his keys at the reception. Foreseeing that he would be an unwilling accomplice in his own demise, we decided to take preventive action. While in the shower, we took his keys to Walmart to make a copy. Unfortunately, because Nathan's car posses slightly more advanced anti-theft technology than Super-Beast (the car requires a special chipped key to start instead of just a screwdriver), we could not get a copy made. So plan-B was even better. Eric also drives a Mazda, so using some voodoo off the internet (very similar to left-right-left-right-up-down-a-b-select-start, but with car doors and the vehicle ignition), we reprogrammed Nathan's car to accept Eric's key fob. The best part of the whole experience was when Nathan realized that we had not just decorated his car, but that we had somehow decorated the inside of his car as well.

...Then we cleaned up....

We went karting also...

Anyway, it was a very successful month. But we're really happy to be home, although we're really sad to be out of vacation days.


Laurel C. said...

Your car decorating skills are now legendary. Your reputation has even made it all the way over here to Colorado. My mom went on and on about how incredible and thorough your methods were. She particularly liked the giant purple bra (er... ladies dainties) on the gear shift. Nice touch!

(PS: Has your dad told you about what happened to the Vega when they tried to leave their reception? Someone jacked up the car invisibly from the axle, leaving the tires imperceptibly off the ground. I may or may not have witnessed the whole thing.)

The Gardners said...

Oh How miss you guys! You have all the fun in the world! You have been super busy busy! When were you in Utah? Bummer we missed you! If you ever come to visit Utah again stop by Roy UTah! WE'd love to have you over for dinner or dessert, or some type of fun catch up time! Miss you!

Way to be on tv! That's some pretty fancy stuff and so exciting for you guys! Congrats on creating something worth posting on tv. :)

Grampy and Grandma Dot said...

You had a great trip and we had a lot of fun too. It was great when Matt gave all the rides to kids on the 4 wheeler. Your garden looks great. You may have some squash. My tomatoes and corn look good but bad luck on the rest.

Tyler and Sunni said...

Oh, I am so glad you two had a great time. Wish we could have seen you in Utah. Better luck next time!

Josh and Krystal said...

You guys are funny. Looks like you have had a productive month. The pictures in Utah are beautiful! Love them. Hope you guys continue to do well. We miss you!

mommacragun said...

As a personal witness to the car I can attest that Matthew and Eric out did themselves with this one. I think Nathan and Amoray will be cleaning stuff out of their air vents for years to come.

Bradwich said...

It's obvious that you played more 2-player Contra than 1-player, what with the "select-start" in your code. Also, it's ultrarad that you reprogrammed the car.

Carolyn said...

Your own wedding car was pretty legendary so it is only fitting that you give some paybacks to your brother. It was great to see you guys! Miss you already! The kids woke up the day after you left and asked when Aunt Nicole and Untle Matt were coming back.

Lynnette said...

Hey Nicole, remember when we were out with Jim buying various items to decorate someone's car at the Linn's in Cedar (I can't remember if it was Carolyn or Monica's) and the clerk asked if we were on a daddy-daughter date?