Monday, January 31, 2011

A Late Christmas Story

I haven't told our Christmas story yet.

It was a wonderful wonderful time with both our families. My family got together for Christmas Eve and Christmas night. Matt and I spent Christmas morning at my sister Carolyn's, and since our family has a tradition of getting up at what some people consider a ridiculously early time, we were able to have Christmas with them and then make it up to Logan to experience Christmas morning all over again with Matt's family.

We spent most of our Christmas vacation with my sister and her cute family in Salt Lake.

What more could you want from Santa?

While Santa knows some things I like, ultimately it was Matt who knew the best gift.

We drove up to Logan in time to have Christmas morning all over again.

It was so much fun to spend it at Matt's grandma's home. We had a huge breakfast, lots of games, and nerf darts.

Did we mention that after 2 1/2 years of marriage we finally got a TV. Thanks in part to Matt's parents (thank you!). It's been a nice addition and hasn't taken over our life. It's perfect.

Snowshoeing at Donut Falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City

Matt crawling out of the entrance to a cave that opens up into a large room. There's a hole in the top that water flows down through, hence Donut Falls.

This is one of the reasons why I miss Utah! For you Ohioans, although you may not be able to tell, we are at almost 11,000 feet in elevation up Brighton.

We spent lots of wonderful time on Christmas Eve and Christmas night with my family.

How can you say no to them? Look at their cheeks.

Matt used his ingenious engineering skills to promote my brother-in-law's ornaments from scary to truly horrific, thanks to the snowman's jimmy-rigged glowing eyes.
Matt always makes me so proud.

I think my favorite present this season was this.
My new niece Olivia was worth every penny of the trip.


Carolyn said...

Oh, I wish it was Christmas again and you were at my house again. That is my grown up Christmas wish (or is it list?) We miss you!

Analeis Paul said...

We are literally like 2 miles away from the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon...Next time you're in Utah, call us!
P.S. Glad you had a merry Christmas!

Lynnette said...

Love those Christmas pictures! I wish you were here again and we could take some Valentine's Day pictures with you.

Did I tell you that ornament's eyes glowed brightly until we took the tree down? Best ornament ever.