Sunday, July 18, 2010

3 weeks - 3 Rides

The last three weeks have been especially good for Nicole and I. The last weekend in June, we took a break from all the house stuff and went camping. We decided to go out near Rio Grande, Oh to the Bob Evan's homestead. They have some camping and even more important, some mountain biking trails. The weather was nice and sunny, however, in the morning, everything was foggy.
On Saturday we got up early to ride before breakfast, and before we had even made it 50 feet, I broke my chain. Luckily I had another chain to use. We went for a short ride for about 35 min just to get warmed up. Then we took a break and went to breakfast at the origianl Bob Evans restaurant. It sounds charming, but it was about as exciting as all of the other Bob Evans' in the world. But it was still a good hearty breakfast.

After we got done, we went for another ride. There is some nice single track up there.

The following weekend, we left for UT. We were out in the mother land for about 10 days. While there, my brother-in-law and I decided to rent bikes up at Brian Head. This was a pretty exciting venture because Brian Head is significantly steeper than just about anything I have ridden before. Thankfully we rented some burly bikes. The picture below is me with my bike and then James with his bike.

Below, is a steep section that James was supposed to photograph my awesomeness on.
Here's a better close-up of all that awesomeness:
That's about as graceful as I get unfortunately. We rode for about 5 hours. Which doesn't sound like a lot when you get to take the lift to the top and gravity does the rest. But we were both beat by the end, and decided to call it a day while neither of us had yet required an ER trip. I was surprised the next day how sore my upper body was. That downhill stuff is a lot of work.

Then to top it off, on Mon, I got to ride with my best friend from high school up in Corner Canyon in Draper. This was more of a traditional cross country ride. It had a long climb at the beginning...a really long climb. It was especially difficult since I've been living almost at sea level for the last year. But the downhill was worth it. I didn't get to take any pictures of us riding because I left the camera in the truck, but here's a good one out of the archives from the glory days for your imaginations.

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The Gardners said...

Love the post! Camping! Sure miss you guys! We had dessert night again....miss chatting with you guys!