Sunday, June 27, 2010

Here are some of the updates on our house.

We pulled out the hideous bush weeds in front of our house that were overtaking our sidewalk.

First we tried tying it up to our truck, which worked fairly well.

But that almost ripped off our rusty bumper so our neighbor brought over his huge van and did this.

This was our bush that Matt's mom helped us prune down to a little stick bush. It's growing back quite nicely.

Our flowers are blooming and our lawn is doing better (thanks to bi-monthly treatments and lots of watering).

My sister and her family came to visit us a couple weeks ago so I worked like crazy to clean up our house so that her kids didn't hurt themselves with sharp objects, uncovered floor vents, uncovered outlets, or fall down our basement stairs due to no doors in our house. I unpacked and sorted and organized everything we own. It looked much like a real house when I was finished.

So we are completely unpacked.

And we got a couch.

But no counter-tops yet.

While my sister was here we had a party,

went to a Columbus Clippers game,

and became famous.
(Look closely.)


Carolyn said...

jealous. Of the fame and the sister visit (although I get my own in a very few days!!).

Grampy and Grandma Dot said...

Your yard is looking really great! Love ya!

Micah E. said...

That last picture is the best! Way to snap the photo at the right time.

Stephanie said...

Nothin' like visitors to "motivate" you to get things done, huh? Looks great!

Jaehee said...

Nicole! Wow- your house looks amazing =) I miss having adventures with you. When we get back to the States, we'll have to go camping in the snow again.

Curtis, Kassi and Katie said...

The work in a house never ends does it. We are just finding this out--and that things take at least 2 to 4 times longer that you think. I love your day lily's they look so pretty--I prefer the yellow ones we inherited orange ones. You yard look awesome. Love the famous shot! You all look so happy!

The Gardner Trio said...

Love those yellow spring flowers! Your house is looking great on the inside and out!

Those cupcakes look yummy! Mmmmm YOu guys were famous! hey! Nice moment to capture with your camera!