Sunday, May 23, 2010

The move

Well today is officially our first full day in the new house. We moved all of our stuff yesterday. We had people from church show up to help us move in which was a great help. It took about 1 hour to get it out of the truck and into our living room. It should now only take us three weeks to get it out of our living room to a more permanent location.

In general though, we've been moving along. We put the appliances in and had the cabinets and carpet installed this week.

We put in some new lighting fixtures in various locations in the house. Yesterday we also had some friends come through town that have been planning to stay with us for some time. That really added to our urgency to make the house livable. Livable included things like put some doors on the bedrooms and bathrooms, get a shower curtain up, get a light in the bathroom, put blinds on windows, etc. We got a lot of it done but not quite as much as we had been planning. One example is the doors. We were planning on putting up white doors. Unfortunately there just wasn't time to paint the doors, so for now, they just had to go back up. Because we're lucky, we got the the laundry room door on our room-complete with a hole for the cat door.

Turns out, somewhere in the home renovation, we lost a 30 in X 80 in door. How do you lose a 30x80 door? I'm still not entirely sure but I am sure that we have no idea where it is and that our room is not private to cats, children or small burglars.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Latest News

Well things have been pretty crazy around here. What have we been doing? Well, what haven't we been doing? Well we haven't been sleeping, eating properly, showering, brushing our teeth, doing our homework, traveling, playing frisbee at the park, going on walks, and most tragically, riding our bikes. Pretty much all we have been doing is working on the house.

Thankfully, it's almost over. This week we have some new cabinets coming Tuesday, then we have new carpet coming on Weds. Then we have a few more finishing touches to put on before moving on Fri. It's none too soon either. Besides the fact that we would go crazy and probably light the place on fire if it dragged on much longer, we have good friends from Virginia that are coming into town on Sat and are staying with us. (Bryant and Kristy, if you're reading this, we'll at least have a door on the bathroom by the time you get here.)

Anyway, the last two days have been much better because we've started finishing things. Yesterday we finished the half bath downstairs...with the exception of the toilet and the sink. We also have all of the trim painted and back up except for in the kitchen. We still have a nice long list of things to get done, but it's nice to finally start finishing things.

The trim is now all up except in the kitchen. That was a big task and required a lot of leg work; it would go something like this. 1. Go upstairs. 2. Measure new trim piece. 3. Go downstairs to garage and cut trim piece on saw. 3. Go back upstairs and fit trim piece and realize it it still too long. 4. Go back downstairs to garage and cut piece again on miter saw. 5. Go back upstairs to re-fit trim piece. 6. Realize you cut too much off trim piece and it is now too short. 7. Try not to curse. 8. Start over.

We also have all of the walls painted except for the bathroom upstairs and the touch-up work that needs to be done. Note: the walls are not as green as they look. In fact oddly enough, even though both rooms were painted from the same can, they constantly look different shades from one another.
Anyway, Friday's the big move and we're exited. I can't wait to unload the truck, lay down on our new soft carpet and take a nap.