Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday Bash

Well I'm officially 27. It was a good birthday. Nicole threw me a bit of a preemptive on Thurs. night. We went out to dinner and then had cake and a really nice evening at home. For my birthday Nicole made me a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that was really good.

The reason we didn't spend as much time celebrating on Friday was because we had a concert to get to. It was for a band called the Temper Trap. They actually put on a really good show. It's been a while since I've been to a concert. As good as the Temper Trap was, I would say my favorite part was the opening band. Not because they were musically inclined, but because of one person in particular. The opening band was a six-piece--pretty rare for the entry level indy market. So what do you get with six pieces that you don't get with four or five? A full-time tamborinist -- that's what.

Most of you are probably skeptical of this setup and are asking questions such as: doesn't he get tired playing that tamborine? How entertaining can a tamborine guy really be? Well the answers are: no, not when he's double fisting tambos like Animal from the Muppets, and: it depends on if it's the beginning or end of the show and how many beers he's had while he's been on stage.

(When he's not fist shakin' he plays a mean air guitar.) Anyway, the concert was good and all in all a successful birthday. Thanks for all the kind wishes from everyone out there.


Carolyn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FAVORITE UNCLE MATT! I know this is a little late, but such is my life (and my faulty internet). We hope it was awesome and fun and nearly as rockin as that drunk guy. We love you!

Bradwich said...

Dude... that tambourine man is pretty serious. I hope to one day achieve that level of focus in my career pursuits.