Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sometimes the Drill isn't the Worst Part

So last week I went into the Dentist to have a temporary crown put on until my diamond studded one comes back from the lab. (It'll give me more street cred.--see Lil' Wayne below)

Anyway, that day it was a very snowy and it was quite nasty on the way to the dentist. After I got there I spent a decent amount of time with the assistant while we waited for the dentist. Here is the first of our confidence-inspiring conversations.

Assistant: I'm glad you made it in today, most of our appointments are cancelling (because of the weather).
Me: No problem.
Assistant: Maybe if I'm lucky the last one will cancel and we can go home early.
Me: That's always nice
Assistant: Maybe if you're lucky, you'll be in so much pain when we get done you won't have to go back to work today.
Me: . . .

Then not to outdo herself, as we were still waiting, she said this:

Assistant: So did you go anywhere for Christmas?
Me: Ya, I'm from Minnesota, so my wife and I went there to see my family.
Assistant: Oh you're from Minnesota?
Me: Ya, that's where I was born.
Assistant: I have a brother that lives in Rhode Island--is that close?
Me: It's actually completely the opposite direction.
Assistant: Oh, I guess I'm not very familiar with the west coast.
Me: . . .

I had no idea how to respond without sarcasm, so I decided to say nothing (thanks Mom). After a few more awkward minutes, the dentist finally arrived and our conversation ended.


Hugh said...

And yet, out at BYU, there were so many who thought MN was East Coast...

Wiberg 5 said...

Don't you have to go to school to be a dental assistant? Even grade school?

mommacragun said...

Just remember your Dad wasn't sure where Minnesota was either until we moved here. So how was the pain?

Bradwich said...

I think I'll use that first comment she made when I'm a doctor. "Hopefully this will hurt you so bad that you'll be incapacitated! Hooray!"