Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Worth of Tree Souls--feel free to quote in church talks

Well Thanksgiving came and went. Overall is was a great holiday. In the Cragun tradition, we went out and got our tree on Saturday. (When I say in the Cragun tradition, it was pretty much in the Cragun tradition. Ususally we get our tree on Fri.) However, most important, we cut it ourselves. We found a small Christmas tree farm about 30 minutes out of town and drove out with my parents. The weather was excellent.

We saw a lot of trees. We walked past many very nice ones; some large and some small. But there in the midst of all of the strong, healthy, well-shaped trees was the one that was destined to be ours--a Christmas tree named Mohanna.

As you may or may not be able to tell that tree is only $5. Because I am my father's son, it was a deal not to be passed up. Why only $5?

The bottom two feet of the tree was in really rough shape. When we took it up to the man at the front, we told him we had cut one of the $5 trees. He said "good I'm glad to see it go." But even though the tree looked coarse and rough on the outside we knew better. We got the tree bailed and on the roof of the car to ride home.

Even though many walked by our tree and dismissed it every time because it had the equivalent of a large rash covering 20% of its body, I'd say we got a screaming deal. And once we cut the hump off of Quasimoto, it became a very nice tree that takes up most of our living room imposing cheer and good tidings on all that bask in it's glow.


Brian Cragun said...

You made your daddy proud!

Grampy and Grandma Dot said...

We're glad you could see the beauty of that "little" tree. It reminded me of the story of the little tree in the woods that kept getting passed up all the time -- until a little family came along that needed a Christmas tree. I love stories with happy endings!!!!!!!!!

Wiberg 5 said...

That is quite the volumptuous tree. We like it. I bet your house smells really yummy.

The Gardner Trio said...

i am all about freash trees!! What a great deal!! love it!