Sunday, September 27, 2009

Giant Sized

This weekend we drove to Barnesville, Ohio for the amazing Pumpkin Festival to see...

King Pumpkin!!

But mostly to see my aunt and uncle that were visiting from Wyoming.
We've always been closest to the Athey's in our family because they lived a few streets away from us growing up, and Pam babysat me when I was little every day. They have 5 boys, we have 5 girls (and 1 boy:). And I've missed my family a lot lately so it was so nice to see close family.

And they bought me a King sandwich. How nice of them.


Grampy and Grandma Dot said...

Wow! Carve those jack-o-lanterns with a sword. Now I know where a whole lot of pumpkin pies come from. The farmers must move pumpkins with a fork lift. What a place to farm (and meet friends/ family).

Wiberg 5 said...

I don't know why, but those pumpkins kind of grossed me out. They reminded me of a really obese person's thighs. But, how fun to see Pam and Bill. We like those Athey's, too.

Curtis, Kassi and Katie said...

That sandwich looks really yummy. Was it? Those pumpkins were really cool. Thanks for sharing.

The Gardner Trio said...

Awww love the pumpkin festivals! I need to find a great one to go to with my family this year. Those pumpkins are like the size of you! HOLY COW!!!

YOu are such a fun gal and I sure enjoy our visits! I bet your kids love being around you! YOu are like the sweetest gal I know!!