Sunday, August 23, 2009

We're back

So this is my first of two back-to-back posts. We're officially in the States again (as of a month ago). I'm now working full-time and Nicole starts tomorrow. I love my job, and Nicole is excited for hers.

As we got towards the end of our time in England, I was glad to come home. And while I loved England, I have decided that I won't miss...

...streets that are too small and narrow and raise your heart rate like you were runnning wind sprints because whenever you drive you are worried about plowing into another car, a building built literally right next to the road, a kid on a bike, or possibly all three depending on fate's sense of humor.

...street signs that are hard to find and make no sense when you do.

...British sinks. Besides an overuse of plumbing hardware, it really leaves you with two options, be miserable with an ice-cold handwashing, or be miserable in the ER waiting room with second-degree burns on your hands.

...beaches in July that are 'just for looking' because it is still only 65 degrees and colder in the water. (They are still pretty though.)

...our rental car. May the next Avis customer enjoy it as much as I did...and may they also get the insurance.

I'm really glad we could go. It was a great time! I'm really glad we're back though too. Life is great.


Grampy and Grandma Dot said...

Is there a story behind the dent in the car? Does it have something do with the fact that the roads are really narrow? Love ya!

Kris said...

Oh now you've just depressed me. I hate all those things about England too, but I still have to live with them everyday!! :)