Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Value of Money

Now that we're back, we've been required to get back to the hustle and bustle of normal life. Unfortunately, that usually means spending money. In todays current economic climate and as the US economy recovers, many are worried about hyper-inflation because of the recent increases in government deficit spending. Some of my faithful blog readers are Economists and know exactly what is going on with the US economy and how a Public Option for health care will fix our budget problems (sorry to get politcal, it just slipped). For the rest of my reading audience I have put together this post in hopes of helping you, the reader, understand what your money will really buy. Because I like cars, and we've made several recent automotive related purchases, I'm going to use cars.

1. A mid-grade Michelin windshield wiper will cost you $7.
2. A recent oil and filter change will run you $18 (with coupon).
3. Replacing a cracked engine mount will cost $72. You'll pay an additional $23 for overnight shipping because some autoparts store workers don't read numbers so well and already went ahead and pulled the engine our of your car and put the new mount in only to discover that it doesn't fit and no one in town can get the real one in for at least 4 business days...I've heard of it happening.
4. It will cost you $180 to drive to Lake Superior in MN from our house in Ohio.
5. It will cost you $550 to replace your old sketchy set of low profile tires that hydroplanes as soon as it looks like it's going to rain with some sweet Yoko's. (They were only $40 more than the cheapest set and have a much better warranty.)

6. And finally, for the cost of only two sets of tires, you can get this beauty:

It's a 1987 Nissan Frontier with 114K miles. It's ugly, but it's a truck, so it doens't need to be pretty. It runs like a champ. All of the other cars we looked at in this price range were in serious need of repair, this one didn't need anything. So, anyway, for the cost of 1,666 Snickers bars or two sets of tires, you can get a truck--not your dream truck, but one that will still move a couch or some dirt.


Grampy and Grandma Dot said...

And we don't think it's an ugly truck -- it's kind of a cool classic.

Christina said...

Glad you guys are settling back in to life!! We hope you love Ohio and as soon as we make it there we are going to drop by and say HI. We miss you guys and wish you all the best!!!

Brown Family said...

Oops did it again. My BAD!!!!

The Gardner Trio said...

hahahahah Love that post! Hilarious!!! I would go with the1, 666 snickers though cause of my sweet tooth!
ALright, you should have taken the bigger peice of that lucious cake because I have practically ate the whole thing! YUMMMY!