Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the twelve days of April...

There are many fun things to share.  First of all, I have reached mature aunthood; two new nephews were born the same day, April 11th, 3 hours apart, 1,400 miles away from each other. They were both over 8 lbs., both have dark hair, they both had large heads and had to come by way of C-section, and they both look just like me.  We like to call Monica's baby Liam, and Carolyn's baby Grant, and I wish I could be there to hold them.  I have very tough sisters, who I admire, a lot.


And just like Matt said, a few weeks ago my good friend from college came to visit me after she got home from her mission.  It was just like before. I love Aubry.

De-veining the shrimp

We also had Easter! It comes in Virginia too.  To prepare we did some of this:

Bananas do not soak up egg dye.

We spent the first part of Easter weekend up in DC with Matt's brother Eric.  We drove up to go to the temple and to see the Cherry Blossoms during the festival time, which I hear are amazing to see in person.

I say, "I hear", because these are not our photos. The night before we were to go see them it poured, and what we saw was this (arrow up), minus the pretty blossoms.

It's okay though, we still had a fun day in the rain in DC.  We had famous Blueberry pancakes at the farmer's market in the city, then we went and drove around the famous park without the famous blossoms, and finally we toured the Kennedy Center, which was very cool.  

My favorite chandeleir in the Kennedy Center. 
It was a gift from Austria. 
I'll remember to invite them to my next birthday party.

April is fun when you have four calling birds, three weeks off, two new babies, and a husband who likes doing fun things.


Grampy and Grandma Dot said...

Two baby boys! We are very happy for their arrival after a long wait on Saturday. I'm not complaining, just thinking of Monica and Carolyn. They needed our prayers. It is fun to see Aubrey and pictures of your fun times by the ocean.

Bradwich said...

Is Easter in Virginia like snow days in Virginia?