Sunday, April 5, 2009

Behold the Hotness

As a budding aerodynamicist, I pay quite a lot of attention to the vehicles around me for inspiration and ideas.  Sometimes the inspiration comes in the elegance of a Porsche, or the complexity of a Formula 1 car.  Sometimes it's the actual history of a particular innovation such as the gurney flap.

But sometimes, inspiration will hit you when you don't expect it.  Such as while you're driving around lost in your very own town.  This was just the case last week.  We were trying to visit an older lady we go to church with when we unexpectedly saw inspiration in its purest form...behold the hotness.

I'd like to point out the use of ground effects and a sweet aftermarket rear wing as well as a hood scoop which isn't visible.  So for all of you middle-aged mammas out there or humble pappas that are still dreamin', this shows that it is possible to have the best of both worlds.  It will still haul stuff like a mini-van, but if the kids are going to be tipping their drinks over on the back seat anyway, it might as well be because you're pushing it up the off-ramp.  So if class is not import in the vehicle you drive, and you still don't mind having a center of gravity 3 feet off the ground with 160 hp at the front wheels mated to a 4 speed automatic transmission, this is a stroke of pure genius. 


Wart said...

dude I think you found your calling.
does budding hurt?

Stephanie said...

I'm inspired. My mini-van holds such hidden potential.

Miles said...

I'm surprised they haven't shaved the door handles to reduce drag.

Bradwich said...

"If class is not important"... wow. You crack me up, man.