Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Nice Shots

All is well here.  I don't have too much to report except as follows:

1.  The rest of Nicole's and my MLK weekend was superb.  Beyond the extra wonderful surprise of the snow day on Tues., we also had a great MLK Monday which we celebrated by seeing some local sites including the old-timey Cape Henry Light house.  We also walked along the beach and poked things with sticks that happend to be washed ashore.  For lunch we ate some really good seafood at Harpoon Larry's.

2.  As of yesterday, Nicole and I have been 'together' 1 entire year.  Although she was in China for part of it and I had some intense school projects which kept us apart, we always had Skype.

3.  My soccer team won it's first match on Saturday.  For those who don't know, I'm on a city league team.  We have games about every week.  On Saturday everyone played really hard.  We started out fairly rough going down two goals in the first half.  However, in the second half, we scored three points.  One of the points, I am pleased to report, was off my assist; I'm especially proud of it because I played defense the whole game.  

I don't want to give people the impression though that this was an easy game; the win took a heavy physical toll.  I still have a black eye from a shot I defended with my face.  Saturday and Sunday were particularly bad as one of my nostrils was swollen shut.  In addition, I also got hit in the groin by another heartily kicked ball.  Now, anyone who has watched America's Funniest Home Videos knows that the essence of American humor is based in a good shot to the crotch; however, as much as I wanted to laugh at the inherent humor of the situation and keep playing, I ended up laying on the sideline in agony imoblized for quite a while.   But in the end we came away with the 'W' and that's all that matters.

Here's some pictures:

The Atlantic Ocean

Cape Henry Lighthouse

Going up the old Lighthouse

Some cool old iron work

A cool old spiral staircase


Mom and Camera said...

Love the lighthouse picture. Hope to see one of those in my lifetime. What a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Um. Uh. Wow. Soccer sounds fun.

Wiberg 5 said...

Yay! I'm glad you made it to the ocean. It looks fun and a little cold. Colder than your snow day, for sure.

Grampy and Grandma Dot said...

Mom loves light houses and we are excited to come to see yours in June. We see ours almost every day, as it's next to Walmart not the ocean. The light at the top is to attract customers not warn ships. But at 6,000 feet above sea level, it's the best we can do!