Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Me, Macol

I have not blogged in a while, it's true. But if y'all (I'm from Norfolk, or Gnaw-fik as we say it, I kind of feel like I'm cussing) haven't realized, Matt is a blogger. At first he may have thought, huh, Nicole has found a new enterprise in which to employ her quick wit and talent in a semi-female dominated activity, where mostly mothers converse back and forth about what their children are doing and so on. However, after a little time, I think he came to realize that blogging is actually a blank canvas for his witty comments and fanciful infatuations. I saw this subtle domination coming on a few months ago, but I was so stressed with school, and anything that would have come out of my fingers may not have been that creative, so, I let him do it; and I think it has served our blog well. We have many viewers and receive many (but not near many enough *Nathan, Christian, Chad, Lynne', etc*) comments and I think overall he has excelled at blogging. And I love him. I officially dub him... Bloggerboy,... or Gooner, whichever he chooses (see Kindergarten photo caption to reference real name of boy 'Gooner', bless him.
At the 2009 Auto Expo sitting in the BMW M3 that we'll own someday,
after Matt sells a kidney and we stop buying cold cereal.

Getting my New Year's kiss. As you can see we spent it with close
friends and family at the Las Vegas Airport.

A very chubby baby in front of a very full tree.

Everyone came out with a load. This one came out naked. But who needs clothes when you've got a Dora backpack.

All 19 of our stockings

Thanks mom and dad for a great Christmas!!


Grampy and Grandma Dot said...

Thanks to you and Matt for coming home for Christmas. And since there were 19 of us, thank you for being such good sports about sleeping in the "guest suite" - you have to admit, access to the Internet is a definite "perk" to the accomodations. Come home anytime, and you may even get to sleep in a real bed! Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Nicole your back in the blogging world! (not that I don't love Matt's blogs too. :) ) I've officially decided that you two need to come back and move into the Brittany with me. You can live in one room and I'll take the other. And Annie & Cody can be next door in one room and Megan can be in the other. I think it sounds perfect! What do you think? :) j/k but it really is so strange to be back there without you. I need to talk to you again, that one time wasn't nearly long enough. Love you and miss you lots!!!

Wiberg 5 said...

Ah, Macol. I'm glad to hear your blogging voice. Although I do occasionally laugh until I cry at your funny husband, I miss you and to read your voice is soothing and comforting. Please come back. Please.

Annie Paul said...

Nicole! I missed your blogging! Like Tami, I like Matt's blog too, but there's no one quite like you:)

Bradwich said...

Nicole, I think this is the first post of yours that I've read. And I loved it--you and Matt are perfect for each other and you're both a lot of fun to read.

Christian said...

I got mentioned!! You can't feel too badly about me not commenting on your blog. I don't even post on my own blog (ask Catherine if you doubt me, she'll tell you what's up). Congrats on your car show date, seems perfect.