Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Virginia Trekkers

We're married! We're here! We're pregnant!.. Just kidding!!!! HA! That would be too many new things in a very very short time! I haven't posted in a very long time so I thought I should catch up. As soon as I get the pictures from our wedding back I'll post about that fun and extremely exciting day.

Thank you thank you thank you to all of our family and friends who were so so good to us and helped us out so much and made that very exciting day possible.

Second:I miss you all and hope you kind of miss me too:)

So, we took a long long trek out to Virginia, starting at Lehi, Utah,

via Nebraska, 

and a South Dakota rest stop where we slept for a few hours (well technically I slept the whole time), and then got up and drove for a little while when... 

Flat tires at 4am, in the middle of nowhere, are only fun when you have a husband that is in a good mood, who smiles and says "that stinks", and who has the gift to be able to change a tire quickly, even when you have to unload everything you own into the sage brush.

We went through Rochester, Minnesota to Matt's house for our open house.  They introduced me to a fun little thing they like to call Fat Night.  Now I'm sure you can all come 
up with a vision of what this shindig might look like, but to help you out it looks kind of like this:

They have a tradition where they fry up anything you can think of.  We had fried won tons, shrimp, cheese sticks, donuts, and zucchini, but we also had fried cheesecake, grapes, strawberries, and pickles.

I've never eaten so much fried food, but it was worth it.

We made a stop at Monica and James' house in Illinois before we headed to D.C. to stay with Matt's brother Eric for a night.  We woke up early the next morning, drove to Hampton, Virginia, and finally arrived at our new apartment!!

So we're here.  We love it.  It's small but perfect and after being a transient for 4 months, I love finally having a place to stay for good.

It was just recently remodeled so the outside is awesome old colonial style brick and the entire inside is brand new except for the cool original hardwood floors.  And! We have a washer and dryer!!  It's the best appliance ever invented, especially a small stackable one that fits in one of your two mini-sized closets.  Who needs extra closet space anyways?

Well, we do.  But we finally got a dresser so our clothes are out of suitcases and off the floor! 

This is Matt going to his first day of school.  I packed him a lunch, cause I'm a wife, with a house:)  Behind him is our awesome baker's rack and pot rack that we love so much that gives us more space.  

So we invited guests over for dinner last week but our living room was still crazy, so it forced us to very quickly assemble our bookshelf and put together the entire room in about 2 hours, and we had to cook a meal.  It was a race and we won... some friends.

Before Living Room 

After Living Room

So, we are officially residents of Virginia and we have a house and we love it.  Thank you again to all of our amazing family and friends who made ALL of this possible!! We couldn't have done it without all of your support and generosity.  Thank you especially to my parents and Matt's, Brian and Leanne.  You sacrificed so much for us and worked so hard to give us such a perfect wedding, and supported our getting out here.  We know this is where we're supposed to be because of all the incredible blessings that have come to us during this whole process. Everything just fell into place and we feel so happy.  We miss all of you!  Come visit us in Virginia.  We've got... an extra long couch and two straight-backed chairs, or a nice comfortable rug for you to sleep on:)  

Here's the full video of our entire apartment, almost all put together minus a dresser.  It's kind of long but enjoy!


Grampy and Grandma Dot said...

Loved it! Specially the video tour of your house - you've fixed it up really cute! We can't wait for an opportunity to come visit you - wish it was sooner rather than later. When we do come we'll buy an air mattress and fill up that space on the rug. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Cragun, on your new life in Virginia! Love ya! Mom & Dad

Wiberg 5 said...

You are so stylish! Your house looks great! How fun to be newlyweds. It is probably so handy to have your laundry room/closet in your bedroom. You don't have to haul your clothes anywhere! Lucky! I wish my washer and dryer were in my bedroom closet!

Annie and Cody said...

Nicole and Matt! Your home is HUGE compared to ours:) I just hope that someday we too can get a real bed!
You guys both did a really good job decorating.
I miss you and I would LOVE to come and visit!
P.S. I'm a little "irate" that you don't have me on your blog list...

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats Craguns! I'm so glad you made it there safe. And way impressed with your house. It's beautiful! I can't wait to come visit you.

"It's for fun..." said...

you're house is so cute!!! I love your decorating and horray for deals! we love the deals we got on like...oh everything in our house! lol! welcome to newly married life!
Sorry I couldn't make it to the reception, but I know I love and miss you! Good luck in everything!

Cory and Katie said...

Hey your place looks so fun we definately didn't start at the top either so be patient! I loved the video good job! keep in touch

Jordan & Lacey said...

Loved the video guys! Your place looks great! How fun would it be to be in Virginia right now? Lucky!
Good luck with everything! Love you guys!
Lacey & Jordan

dove said...

Hey nicole I am really not a blog stalker...maybe I am I dunno, but I found you on laceys and am adding you to my friends list haha. I didnt know what you were up to these days so it was cool to look at all your pics!