Friday, May 9, 2008

I Love Cheap Chinese Massages

So it wasn't too good to be true like I thought it must be for only $7. We went into the city (in my first taxi cab), swerving in and out between cars so that the four taxis could stay together, and went upstairs in this random building. They had two large rooms for us, ours had five beds with five little in-tables and five little Chinese girls, with five buckets of milk stuff and flowers, and a cute little man who brought us five little glasses of tea and flowers and sugar, and plates with orange slices, and wet towelettes that we didn't know what to do with at first. The girls gave us a full body massage, focusing the majority of the time on our feet, for, yes, a full 100 min. It was incredible. They didn't speak any English and all the girls who spoke any Chinese were in the other room so we tried to communicate as best we could by saying all the Chinese words we knew. They were all really young, around 18, and they were so cute. If I can get any sort of picture through then I'll try to show you what it was like, so you can all imagine what really is possible, only in China.

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Mo and Jayme said...

So you probably said things to them like "yes" "no" and "bathroom"

I bet they were thrilled:)

I can't wait until I see you and you can show me EXACTLY what it was like on my feet (I'll take hot cocoa instead of tea, thank you)