Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Heart China

Hey everyone! Hello from the land of China. I'm there. I see lots of Chinese people and I eat Chinese food. I also speak a little Chinese. I like to dance. Dancing in China is fun. My sister Monica is the best sister in the whole world, definitely my favorite. She does so many nice things for me like posting pictures for me on my blog. I will tell you all about the pictures on my blog later. But for now, here is a photo journal of what I have been doing in China. Notice how cute I am. And how high I jump. But especially notice my cute skirt that I bought here. I am going to buy Monica one just like it. I am going to buy her a lot of cute clothes. I am going to do that because I love her.

Okay, here are some pictures.


Wiberg 5 said...

I think the Chinese water is getting to you because before you left you told me that I was your very favorite sister and that you actually kind of thought that Monica's feet stink and that she was actually third favorite, behind Dustin. So I will just assume that you are a little under the China weather and know that Monica is really not your favorite, nor are you going to buy her anything cute, just me.
Your favorite sister Carolyn

Jordan & Lacey said...

Nicole nicole nicole,
YOU ARE IN CHINA!! CRAZY!! Those pictures are way neat. It's really fun to see you and know how you are doing!! I love you so much!!